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  • ArrowCan I send ETH from my exchange wallet?

    No! Do not send Ether from any exchange wallet as you may not be able to receive your coins.

  • ArrowWhat is the Price/Token?

    We are going to peg the ITT Token price at $0.359365079365079. This will be the price per ITT Token without any bonus tokens, bonus tokens will be distributed to you at 0 cost.To maintain this price of $0.359365079365079, if we do not hit our hard cap, unsold tokens will be burned to ensure this price is achieved.

  • ArrowWhen will ITT Tokens be delivered to my ETH Address?

    ITT tokens will be disbursed within 1-2 weeks AFTER the closing of the token sale.

  • ArrowWhich wallet should I use to store ITT Tokens?

    The ITT Token is an ERC20 standard token, so it can be stored in many different Ethereum-based wallets. We are fans of hardware wallets such as Trezor or Ledger Nano S. We’d also recommend using Mist, MyEtherWallet or MetaMask.

  • ArrowWhat platforms are currently supported?

    Currently, we are running our test tier 1 ITT Bot on Telegram (English only), which has applications for mobile, desktop, and web. You can get more info on Telegram’s website.

    Per our Roadmap, we plan to launch a WeChat and Slack version, and will add support for additional languages.

  • ArrowWhen will ITT’s Tier 2 (AI-enabled) Bot be available?

    Per our described Roadmap, ITT’s Tier 2 (AI-enabled) Bot will be available in 4Q17.

    We will also introduce the option for personalized trading alert settings during this point. Please read through our whitepaper for more information.

  • ArrowWhat functionality do ITT Tokens have?

    ITT tokens are essential to pay all subscription fees on the ITT platform.