We are excited to announce that automated trading is now live for ITF signals through the crypto trading platform, Zignaly.

We are joining a growing community of over 1,300 trading enthusiasts, with 2.2 million USD in total trading volume on the platform during December of 2018 alone.

Zignaly allows users to trade automatically using external signal providers (like ITF). You can also connect your TradingView account to use with indicators, or use the Zignaly Trading Terminal to design and execute your own strategies.

This cooperation means that fans of ITF signals can now trade on our signals automatically and at any time, even in their sleep. You’ll never miss another signal again.

The Zignaly platform provides full trading strategies, including: stop-loss, take-profit, trailing stop, dollar-cost averaging (DCA) rebuy, and more. It also accepts all coin pairs from enabled signal providers, so all ITF pairs are supported.

You can choose to accept buy signals for automated trading, or open your position manually inside the platform. Whatever you decide, you can then set your own rules to close your positions. It’s even possible for you to use TradingView as a bot by sending your own buy and sell signals to Zignaly.

By using their position-based Trading Terminal, you will be able to implement concurrent different order types on the same balance, split take profit targets, define trailing stop orders to combine, and monitor your results per position.

Zignaly maintains no withdrawal rights and they do not manage your funds. Your funds remain on the exchange at all times and can only be withdrawn by you. For now, Zignaly is only integrated with the Binance exchange, but they expect to support many more exchanges soon.

Currently in their beta stage, access to their platform will come with a $12 monthly subscription plan, or you can opt for a 15-day free trial. Their platform is a cloud-based service, always online and always updated, with no installations or servers needed on your side.

We are really looking forward to this partnership and taking ITF to the next level, and can’t wait to make trading easier, less time-consuming, and more profitable for all our traders.

Look forward to future announcements and updates about this cooperation to learn more about how you can best leverage ITF signals with the Zignaly platform.