Frequently Asked Questions

ITF Portfolios

How do I know if my portfolio is rebalancing?

At the top of the page you will see a green box that tells you when the last time your portfolio was rebalanced.

How do I remove one of my exchanges?

Under the “exchange” tab you will see the exchanges you have connected. Click “edit” on the exchange you would like to remove, then click “remove” and confirm. This will remove the exchange from your portfolio.

How do I change which portfolio I want?

Under the “Portfolio” tab there is the name of the current portfolio you have selected, EX: “Conservative Portfolio”. Next to that, is a link that says “change”. Click “Change” to view the option you can choose for your portfolio.

Can I customize the amount of each coin I want to hold?

Currently you cannot. We have three portfolios you can choose from, but will be adding a custom setting soon!

Do I pay fees when rebalancing my portfolio?

Everytime your portfolio rebalances, you are paying the fees that your exchange charges for all the trades made to put your portfolio into balance.

Is Binance the only exchange I can connect?

Right now yes. But reach out and let us know which exchange you would like us to add next.

Why isn’t my portfolio rebalancing?

Try clicking the “rebalancing” button in the top right then click the “refresh” portfolio button next to it. If that doesn’t work please contact support in our Telegram group or via email.

Can I change how often my portfolio rebalances?

Every 4 hours is the only option right now. Please reach out and let us know which rebalancing option you would prefer.

How often is my portfolio rebalancing?

Every 4 hours your portfolio will be balanced to your specified settings.

Does ITF Portfolios make trades for me automatically?

If you have “auto-rebalance” turned on, then we will make the necessary trades to keep your portfolio allocation balanced to your specified specifications.

How do I add an exchange to my portfolio?

You must get your “api keys” and secret key from your exchange and input them when you “add an exchange” in ITF Portfolios. Please read our instructions in the platform itself.

Does ITF Portfolios hold my cryptocurrency?

No. Your money will still be on your exchange, we just have access to show your money on our platform when you add your exchange.

Why do I need to add an exchange to ITF Portfolios?

ITF Portfolios needs your exchange api keys so you can view and rebalance your holdings on the platform.


Where can I test the ITF Bot?

You can access the free version of our Bot by installing Telegram and adding @IntelligentTradingBot. Here is the getting started guide.

How do I get started with Telegram?

You can learn more about Telegram on their website.

What do I do after I install Telegram on my phone / computer?

Add @IntelligentTradingBot and complete the setup wizard that automatically begins.

Can I use the ITF Bot without installing Telegram?

No. Our Bot only works on Telegram. Later this year, we plan on releasing a web app that will provide similar functionality to our Bot, plus additional features.

How do I get alerts?

After installing the Bot, you will automatically receive alerts. Please note that it may be a few hours before you see your first alerts.

How do I customize the alerts I receive?

If you are a free plan user, please upgrade to the Starter plan to enable the customization functionality. If you are a premium user, you can use the “/settings” command to adjust your risk level, the coins you follow, if you receive Crowd Sentiment alerts, and if price is displayed in BTC or USDT.

*For more info, please refer to the Bot User Guide.

Why am I not receiving any alerts?

If you are a free plan user, you should receive alerts every day. If you are a premium user, check your settings to ensure you are following enough coins. Also, please note that setting your trading profile to Low Risk / Long Horizon will decrease the frequency of alerts you receive.

How do I upgrade to a premium plan?

Open @IntelligentTradingBot inside Telegram and use the “/subscribe” command. You will see your current plan and options for upgrading. Then Send $20 USD worth of ITT tokens to the Receive Address listed. You will be notified once the transaction is confirmed, and your subscription will automatically switch to the Starter plan.

How do I stop the Bot?

Inside of Telegram, go to the Bot Info page for the ITF Bot. Then click “Stop and block bot” at the bottom of the page.


How can I benefit from the Bot?

The ITF Bot sends you cryptocurrency trading signals. You can use the alerts you receive to better understand what’s happening in the markets in less time. See all the features here!

How do I act on the alerts I receive?

The purpose of our alerts is to provide you with easily understandable trading insights so you don’t have to spend as much time sorting through immense quantities of market data on your own. The signals you receive will help you understand what might happen in the future. What you do with the signals we send you, is up to you.

What is the delay between Bot alerts and what’s happening in the market?

Our platform performs market calculations every hour. Signals are sent within 10 minutes of completion of these calculations.

What signals do I receive?

In addition to price alerts, you receive a Relative Strength Index (RSI), Ichimoku, and ITF Proprietary signal for the coins you follow. A full list of signals for each subscription plan is available at

Do you send buy and sell signals?

We send upside and downside signals. However, it’s up to you to use the information we send you to decide when to buy and sell.

How quickly do I have to act on the alerts I receive?

It depends on the risk level and trading horizon you have set. A short horizon means the entire trade is expected to complete in a matter of hours. A long horizon alert could take months before it reaches exhaustion.

If you are familiar with technical analysis, candlesticks and periods, all you need to know is that short/medium/long corresponds with 1 hour, 4 hour and 1 day periods respectively.


What is the purpose of ITT tokens?

ITT tokens are utility tokens, which means you need them to purchase access to our premium subscriptions. We don’t accept any form of payment for our service, except for ITT tokens.

Where can I buy ITT tokens?

ITT tokens can be purchased at the following exchanges:, Mercatox, Idex, and ForkDelta.

Are there any benefits to buying and holding tokens?

Our premium subscription plans must be purchased with ITT tokens. If you hold tokens and the USD value of the ITT token rises, you will be able to use more of our services for a smaller amount of ITT tokens.

What is pay to stake?

Payments made on subscription plans automatically get applied towards your staking balance. This includes any payments made in ETH. Once all of your monthly subscription payments exceed the required staking balance (i.e. 10,000 ITT tokens), you can stop paying the monthly subscription. You will now have enough tokens “staked” to receive ongoing access to that plan.

How does staking work?

Instead of paying a subscription fee, you can just hold the required amount of tokens in the cryptocurrency wallet linked to your Intelligent Trading account. As long as you keep the minimum required balance of tokens, you will have access to the corresponding subscription plan. Here is a video tutorial showing you how to stake tokens.

Will the staked tokens be subtracted each month?

Staking sums up with what you paid. So if you already paid 1K you need to stake 9K. It doesn't reduce with time, you just need to hold in the same wallet because if you move tokens around and go below the threshold of 10K, you fall back to the previous plan you had (which might be still Pro if you had remaining hours in your plan or Free).

Is there a reward for staking ITT?

No. Other than access to the PRO plan, there are no rewards for staking.

Is it possible to stake using MEW (MyEtherWallet)?

Yes. You just need a public wallet address and a way to sign. MyCrypto or MyEtherWallet (MEW) will both do the job. You can also use other platforms useful for signing a message. We however do not support Binance and Coinbase.

I now have 10k tokens. Do I have to send them to my MEW?

You need to hold them in a wallet you can also use to sign a message. You can download metamask for example and use it with MyEtherWallet (MEW) or MyCrypto.

I don’t have ITT tokens. Can I still use your product?

If you have not purchased ITT tokens, you still have access to our free trial without any need to make a payment. For you to access the PRO plan, we have also begun accepting subscription payments in ETH. We will use the ETH payment we receive to purchase ITT tokens on a public exchange on your behalf, and then apply those ITT tokens to your account subscription. To simplify this process for you, we've put together a video on How to Pay with ETH.

I paid for your services on telegram using ETH but never got the premium signals. How do I verify the transaction?

Your transaction has been confirmed already (check etherscan). We've put together a video showing how to contribute with ETH to make it easier. The video goes into more detail on how to sign your transaction, which is necessary to complete the checkout process. Additionally, please make sure you are sending the ETH from a platform where you can sign a message to prove ownership. Some good examples are MyCrypto or MyEtherWallet (MEW).

Remember to send ether from an address you can use to sign a transaction. Coinbase or Binance do not give you keys so you won't be able to sign or access your wallet from any app.