The Ichimoku Cloud is one of the most versatile and powerful indicators used in technical analysis.

Literally translated, it stands for “one glance equilibrium chart”, however, as you can see in the example below — getting started with Ichimoku turns out to be a daunting task for many, including professional full-time traders.

Ichimoku Cloud Breakout

We at ITF believe that amateur investors and aspiring traders do not necessarily need to know the detail on how complicated signals such as Ichimoku are calculated in order to be able to use the information that it offers to their advantage.

Similarly, full-time traders shouldn’t have to spend entire days browsing through clouds on charts looking for certain set-ups. With modern day technology at our disposal, why should people still have to manually interpret a bunch of lines invented in the late 1930s to know what’s going on with an asset?

This is where the Intelligent Trading Bot comes in. Our bot will be keeping track of a numerous cryptocurrencies 24/7, analyzing price-data and scanning for the best possible opportunities — one of which being an event called the “Ichimoku Cloud breakout”. These breakouts are often followed by big bull rallies with a higher probability than many other indicators, especially in trending markets.

Examples of Success


Remember the end of the “China bans bitcoin” crash, September 2017? Did you know when it was over? The cloud sure did, as it broke out at the time around $4000 — followed by several months of mass hysteria.

Bitcoin Cash

A few months later, out of nowhere, Bitcoin Cash decided to make one of the most memorable bull rallies in the history of crypto, as it continued to increase from $300 to nearly $2800 in only two weeks. Ichimoku knew, and it knew it at $360, since that was when the momentum breakout occurred.


And did you miss out on an affordable ZCoin Masternode? As you know it’s usually only when price reaches very high numbers (“ATH”) that you find out about certain coins. If it were up to the cloud, a signal around $45 would have presented an interesting opportunity.


And if you think that Ethereum was expensive at $720, maybe the cloud breakout could have changed your mind, as it continued to run up all the way to the $1300’s shortly after.


These are just a handful of events that the majority of people have missed because of a lack of TA knowledge, or maybe, simply because of a lack of time and energy. It’s always only *after* these events that everyone starts hearing about it.

Spotting opportunities early is key in these crazy fast markets. Of course, the Ichimoku Cloud is never a guarantee that a certain trend will happen. Big catalysts can and will continue to ruin the most beautiful set-ups at times. There are many things that can never be foreseen, no matter how many indicators are used. But the Ichimoku Cloud does what it does best, it signals a big shift in momentum — and it does it a lot faster than other indicators such as Moving Averages.

At Intelligent Trading Foundation, we provide the users of our Telegram Bot with simple alerts when a Cloud Breakout occurs. Being able to monitor this crucial indicator 24/7 for hundreds of cryptocurrencies has never been easier.

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