This fall, Intelligent Trading Foundation was accepted into Central Europe’s leading startup accelerator, Startup Yard.

154 companies applied to the program, and only 7 were accepted. We are extremely proud to be part of the 7 companies accepted into the accelerator.

Startup Yard’s 3-month program began in September and will conclude at the end of November.

The program is broken down into a 3 week session, 2 week session, and a final 3 week session. Between each onsite session is a break for the startups to implement what they’ve learned and take the next steps with any connections made.

In September, we met with dozens of mentors who provided us with great feedback on how to grow our company and provide our community with an incredible product. There are several extraordinary opportunities we are excited to pursue with some of the mentors we connected with.

In October, our entire team was invited to various workshops hosted by the Startup Yard team. Instruction covered everything from writing press releases to financial projections to sales training.

This week we are meeting with more mentors, and we cannot wait!

The program has been very rewarding, and we’re extremely excited about the future and taking ITF to the next level.