Intelligent Trading Technologies (ITT) is now Intelligent Trading Foundation (ITF)

Today, we are announcing a name change for Intelligent Trading Technologies (ITT). Our new name is Intelligent Trading Foundation (ITF).

To keep things easy for everyone, our token will keep the same ticker symbol “ITT”, but be defined as “Intelligent Trading Token” instead of “Intelligent Trading Technologies”.

Along with this name change, we’ve slightly modified our logo so that it no longer includes the word “Tech”. Overall, it should look pretty much the same.

Why The Change?

After a lot of internal discussion about the future of our organization and everything our foundation will accomplish, we realized that the word “Technologies” was not the best word to represent our long term goals.

We want to be known for more than just our Telegram Bot. We want to be the go-to resource for cryptocurrency traders.

With ITF, traders of all skill levels will have access to world-class Telegram alerts, an interactive web dashboard, auto trading, a cryptocurrency fund, a vast library of educational content, and an approachable community where open discussion is welcomed.

Our vision is ambitious, and we have a ways to go, but we are taking the necessary steps and building a highly skilled team so we can make that vision a reality.

In the end, this vision will provide significantly more value to everyone.

What Changes and What Doesn’t?

Moving forward, this new identity will be the standard in all of our branding, community, Telegram Bot, online properties, and everything we release in the future.

The Telegram Bot will keep the same username and link ( There is no difference in the way you use the bot.

The Telegram News & Updates Group will have a new name (ITF News & Updates), but it will keep the same link url.

The Telegram Signals Group will have a new name (ITF Signals Discussion), but the link url will stay the same at

The website will remain at, and our email addresses will also stay the same. So no changes there.

The following social media channels will change: Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit. Each of these channels have been updated to include our new name, and the username/handle have changed to reflect the new name.

Facebook: @IntelligentTradingFoundation

Twitter: @tryITF

Reddit: r/intelligenttrading

*Reddit doesn’t allow us to change our subreddit, so we’ve created a new one.

What Happens With The Token and Ticker Symbol?

Our cryptocurrency token will stay the same. It will remain on all 4 of the exchanges we are listed on, and it will keep the ticker symbol “ITT”.

You will not experience any changes in the way you buy and sell ITT tokens.

The only difference is what “ITT” stands for. “ITT” will no longer mean “Intelligent Trading Technologies”. From now on, “ITT” will stand for “Intelligent Trading Token”.


We are excited about our new name and publicly announcing our grand vision. We hope you are too!

Sometimes, company name changes can be confusing. While we’ve done our best to explain this transition in the most straightforward way possible, we understand that you may have additional questions.

Feel free to message our team if you have any questions.

Thank you for supporting us, and believing in everything we are working hard to accomplish.

Find out more and join the conversation in our ITT Signals Discussion Telegram Group or ITT News and Announcements Telegram Group.