If you are new to the ITT Bot, have not seen these new signals yet, or have the Crowd Sentiment Alerts disabled… then the details below will give you a quick status update on what we’ve added for you.

Crowd Sentiment Alerts help you stay on top of what is happening in the cryptocurrency world, and how people feel about what is happening.

Sentiment is represented for each alert as Bullish, Bearish, and Important. We pull this data from Cryptopanic and present it to you, along with a link to the news article.


Below each Crowd Sentiment Alert in the ITT Bot, you will see 3 buttons for Bullish, Bearish, and Important. This is for you to respond to the alert with how you feel about it.

Bullish, Bearish, and Important buttons

Your private responses are added to our own internal database where we combine it with the data we receive from CryptoPanic. We then use this data to improve the quality of our algorithms and alerts.

If you enjoy using the ITT Bot, we would truly appreciate it if you could respond to these Crowd Sentiment Alerts with your opinion if it’s Bullish or Bearish, and if it’s important news.

These responses to the alerts are time-sensitive, and can only be updated for a few minutes after published to Telegram. So, if you want to respond to a Crowd Sentiment Alert, please respond within a few minutes of the alert being posted in your feed.

Enabling These Alerts

If you would like to enable or disable the Crowd Sentiment Alerts, use the /settings command inside the ITT Bot. Then click the “Edit Signals” button. Then click the “Turn Crowd Sentiment On/Off” button.

click the “Edit Signals” button

click the “Turn Crowd Sentiment Off” button

click the “Turn Crowd Sentiment On” button