Company Updates

ITF Attends Sydney Hackathon

Our Head of Engineering & Innovation, Tom Counsell, attended the EOS Hackathon in Sydney, Australia at the start of this month.

There was lots of networking and meetings with VCs, and his hackathon team placed in the top 10! Congratulations to Tom and his team!

2 New Team Members

We are excited to welcome 2 new members to the Intelligent Trading team.

  • Justin (Content Writer) – Justin is responsible for the Cryptocurrency 101 articles and ultimate guides we’ve begun creating for the crypto community.
  • Amp (Marketing Intern) – Amp is helping us enter the Thai cryptocurrency market through her translation work and outreach to notable influencers and industry leaders.

Recent Product Updates

Alert Format Updates

To simplify our alerts and make them even more usable, we’ve made some slight modifications.

We’ve renamed “Trading Horizon” to “Alert Validity” so it’s easier to understand. In each alert, you will see the period the alert is valid for (1 hour, 4 hours, 24 hours). If you plan on acting on an alert, we suggest doing so within this period.

Hashtags have been added to make various words clickable, which allows you to filter them inside of Telegram so you only see alerts with that keyword.

Let us know what you think of our updates and if there is anything else you would like to see.

AI Signals Updates

To make our AI Signals easier to act on, we’ve decided to only show one percentage probability instead of all three. So now you will only see the most likely price movement predicted by the AI (bullish or bearish).

We’ve also increased the filter for these alerts so that the most likely price movement percentage probability must be at least 3.5% greater than then second most likely. This will reduce the quantity of AI alerts you receive and increase the quality of each individual signal.

New Neural Network Experiments

From a technical point of view, this has been a very exciting month for the ITF team.

We’ve begun experimenting with new neural networks to further improve the quality of our AI trading signals, and prepare for the Auto Trading functionality we will be releasing later this year.

2 New Research Reports Live

This summer, we’ve released a variety of research reports about the crypto industry and specific coins.

You can use the valuable insights inside these reports to give yourself an advantage when trading the highlighted coins.

In August, we published 2 new reports on:

These reports are free to the public and no opt-in is required. If you are a subscriber to our Premium subscriptions.

If you would like to view all of the reports we’ve published so far, please view the Guides page on our website.

What’s Happening Next With The Product

More Trading Indicators

We’ve just finalized the new backend that will allow us to rapidly release more Technical Analysis trading signals in the coming weeks.

This has been something we’ve been working on for a while, and are excited about reaching this significant milestone for our Telegram Bot.

We will make an announcement for each new signal we release in the near future.

Referral Codes

We want to reward everyone that continues to help us grow the Intelligent Trading community.

We are very close to launching the official ITF referral program. The technical foundation has been completed, and we have a few non-technical things to finalize before going live in September.

ITF Team Member Spotlight

Meet Tom Counsell

What do you do at ITF?

As Head of Engineering & Innovation at ITF, I try to do 3 things everyday.

First, I look at my teammates and see if there is anything I can do to support them and their priorities. We have awesome people here that are more capable than I am on my own, so putting them first is a no-brainer.

Second, I still really enjoy programming and solving difficult problems. We have lots of interesting problems we are working on, so I get to contribute my skills.

Finally, I try to learn something new. Our industry is always evolving and I still have a lot to learn about business, so that means reading books and listening to podcasts.

What is the best thing about working at ITF?

The best thing about working at ITF is that everyone is learning and growing so fast. Part of that is a great environment of tools, resources, and people, but it’s also everyone’s attitude that makes you feel like nothing is holding you back from achieving what you want. When you work in that kind of environment, life is good!

What are you most excited about moving forward?

I’m excited to see what’s possible. On the tech side, we are eager to see the results of our work in infrastructure automation, machine learning, evolutionary programming, and financial portfolio management. But it’s never as simple as “just go build it.” Through the process, we learn new things and come up with new ideas – especially during our internal hackathon days.

What is the most surprising or interesting signal/alert you’ve seen so far?

I don’t have time for day-trading, so I only subscribe to long-horizon signals. It’s really rare that the stars align, but at the beginning of April, everything was signaling a bull movement for ETH. Basically I made one trade that month, and well, I’m pretty happy about that, haha.

What’s your favorite thing to eat?

Couscous with chicken and olives on Fridays is a tradition that I’ll always miss from my years in Morocco. Then there is pretty much anything my wife makes. I think she knows my tastes better than I do!