Company Updates

Automated Trading on ITF Signals is Now Live on the Zignaly Platform

We are excited to announce that automated trading is now live for ITF signals through the crypto trading bot platform, Zignaly.

We are joining a growing community of over 1,300 trading enthusiasts, with 2.2 million USD in total trading volume on the platform during December of 2018 alone.

Zignaly allows users to trade automatically using external signal providers (like ITF). You can also connect your TradingView account to use with indicators, or use the Zignaly Trading Terminal to design and execute your own strategies.

For the complete update and what this means for ITF Bot Users, see the announcement in its entirety below:

ITF Google Design Sprint

From 28 January, our team has been participating in a design sprint at the Blockchain Hub in Prague. It’s a 5-day time-constrained, 40-hour event, that will conclude on February 1st.

A design sprint is a method used for solving problems through creating ideas, prototyping, and testing with specifically targeted users.

The process has been developed through independent work by many designers, including GV (formerly Google Ventures), and Boston-based User Experience Agency Fresh Tilled Soil. It is similar to Sprints in an Agile Development process, and is designed to align teams under a shared vision with clearly defined goals and deliverables.

The main object is to build and test a prototype in only 5 days. Every sprint starts first with a challenge, a smaller team, and a cleared calendar for one week.

Over the course of the sprint, the team maps the problem, defines targets, proposes and votes on the best solutions, and finally builds a realistic prototype before concluding with one-on-one customer interviews for feedback on the design.

By doing this, we’re hoping to not only expand our toolkit for crypto investors but to also discover what the next level for ITF products might be.

Look forward to an announcement regarding the outcome of our design sprint in next month’s update.

Recent Product Updates

New Tutorials for Using Zignaly Now Online

To help our users get set up quickly and easily on the Zignaly trading bot platform, we’ve written two new tutorials.

The first is a general QuickStart Guide to assist you with integrating ITF Bot Signals on the Zignaly platform.

Our second tutorial is a more in-depth look at the settings available on Zignaly, including information about different trading strategies and some possible configurations for new users.

Both tutorials can be found in the Guides section on our website, and are also linked below for quick access:

New Crypto 101 Article

Our Crypto 101 series is designed to provide concise, easy-to-understand articles on the crypto industry, along with guides and tutorials on ITF products.

Use this series to further your research, learn something new, or simply have a quick read-through.

These articles are free to the public and posted on our website in the ‘resources’ section.

This month we have published 1 new article:

What’s Happening Next with the Product?

ITF Seeking Product Testers

The team here at ITF will be testing some upcoming product releases, and we would like to invite you, the community, to participate in the development process.

Participation requires approximately 30 minutes of your time, and you will be beta testing products not yet released. We can do the testing remotely on Skype, or in person with one of our team members at the Blockchain Hub, Prague.

All you need to do is sign up and share your interest, and we will let know when the next round of testing begins.

For more information and the complete announcement, see the link below:

New Signals Dashboard and Timeline App

We’ve also been working on a new timeline app and dashboard to make following ITF signals and your favorite coins much easier.

We aim to provide traders with a user-friendly search feature that will be able to quickly access a coin’s overview, view price lines, and specify when ITF identified a pattern and sent out a signal. Look forward to future updates soon.

Portfolio Management and Rebalancing App

Our second product will be a portfolio management tool that helps you manage, monitor, and rebalance a cryptocurrency portfolio. We want to make it easier than ever for traders to monitor and manage their crypto-asset allocation, manually or automatically.

We are currently in development and plan on opening beta testing early this year. If interested in testing, please contact us and we will keep you in mind when testing begins.

ITF Team Member Spotlight

Meet Tony Cannella

What do you do at ITF?

I am a Product Owner of ITF Business to Consumer (B2C) products. In this role, I am responsible for developing a vision for our product through customer research and then communicating this vision to the rest of the team so it can be brought to life.

What is the best thing about working at ITF?

The best thing is how ITF invests in the team by putting them in positions that align with what both the company needs and what we need to continue learning and achieving personal goals. It makes you feel like an investment rather than just a worker.

What are you most excited about moving forward?

I’m excited about the use of Design Sprints and applying concepts of the Lean Startup to build viable products more effectively. The fast paced nature of these frameworks not only keeps things exciting but also helps us move forward with the product.

What is the most surprising / interesting alert / signal you’ve seen so far?

The 24hr Ichimoku signals for BTC have blown my mind. In November I watched the entire market drop over 50% in just a few days after that signal. It was even cooler that our trading community noticed the signal, and shared what happened the previous times we got that signal in early 2018, with the new members. A lot of people were happy they listened!

What is your favorite thing to eat?

Milka, Skittles, Sour gummy worms.. Anything with unhealthy amounts of sugar in it.