Company Update

Trading Meetups In Prague

Now that our main office is up and running, we’ve started hosting trading meetups for the cryptocurrency community in Prague. The goal is to bring together cryptocurrency traders a couple times each month to talk about the market and different trading strategies.

So far, we’ve hosted 3 meetups, and the response has been great. We are also planning to live stream these events, so keep a look out for announcements of our upcoming events and the corresponding link to view the meetup from anywhere in the world.

The next trader meetup will be Thursday, July 5. Here are the details if you are interested.

ITF Internal Hackathon

One of the best ways to get inspiration for new features or products is to give free time to developers to experiment and build something they are interested in.

At the start of the month, ITF held its first internal hackathon. For 3 days, our developers focused on individually pursuing new and unique ideas of their own choosing.

Several cool prototypes were presented during the hackathon that we plan on integrating into our core product in the future. We are super excited to introduce these new concepts later this year.

EOS Hackathon in Hong Kong

Tom Counsell at the EOS Hackathon

Thomas Counsell and Francesco DeLisi went to Hong Kong for the EOS Global Hackathon June 9th and 10th. It was incredible 2 days of coding with no sleep, and was a good opportunity to meet some great developers in the cryptocurrency community. The team also placed in the top 10. Congratulations to Tom and Francesco for doing so well.

Recent Product Updates

2nd Research Report Live

Each month we release detailed reports on specific cryptocurrencies and the crypto industry.

You can use the valuable insights inside these reports to give yourself an advantage when trading the highlighted coins.

These reports are free to the public and no opt-in is required. If you are a subscriber to our Pro Plan, you can get these reports before they are publicly posted to our website.

This month, we published an analysis of DeepOnion (ONION).

Additional Functionality For The Info Bot

Last month, we released the “Intelligent Trading – Trading and TA Info Bot”. This is our second Telegram Bot, it’s free, and specifically for Telegram Groups.

This month, we’ve made some updates to the bot so users can pull the specific information they want for any supported altcoin (i.e. price & volume, recent sentiment, recent trading signals, price from 3 exchanges).

If you are an admin for a Telegram group, or are a member of a group you would like to see the bot used in, you can invite the bot to your group for free (@Intelligent_Trading_Info_Bot).

New Blog

Since the inception of ITF, we’ve been using Medium to host our blog. Now that we are building more helpful content and resources for the cryptocurrency community, we’ve decided to bring the blog to our own website so we have more flexibility and control of what we publish.

So moving forward, our blog is now hosted on our new website.

What’s Happening Next With The Product

Enhanced User Settings Options

Telegram severely limits the settings controls we can provide our users, so we’ve decided to develop a secondary settings control that is located outside of Telegram.

This web-based settings panel will provide our Bot users with greater flexibility and customization of the trading signals they receive.

This is part of our grand vision of building a full web dashboard for our trading signals. We will post an announcement with more details when the new settings go live.

Coin Summaries

To make it even easier to see what is happening with a specific cryptocurrency, at the bottom of each alert will be a link to view a page that displays all recent data for that coin. It will show the coin’s most recent trading signals, any relevant news from CryptoPanic, and the current trading opportunity.

The goal is to combine all the necessary data you need to make a trade, and make it obvious if the trend is bullish or bearish.

We are very excited about this new addition, and will let you know as soon it’s ready to release.

Volume Based Indicator

We are proud to announce a new trading alert for our Telegram Bot. In the coming weeks, we will release a volume based indicator for our Starter plan.

The volume indicator is one of the simplest methods for watching buying and selling activity.

Volume is one of the oldest trading indicators in the market for day-traders, and this indicator will help both technicians and fundamental investors keep a close eye on the amount of coins traded.

ITF Team Member Spotlight

Meet Alexander Boreysha

Alexander Boreysha (Senior Engineer)

What do you do at ITF?

I’m a software engineer here at ITF and I build the advanced systems that work behind the scenes. It’s my responsibility to ensure our software is running smoothly and efficiently, so I spend a lot of time with APIs, microservices, databases, message queues, and other backend technology.

What is the best thing about working at ITF?

I like the young and free spirit of our company. Of course, the best part is the people – everybody here sparkles with joy, and is very enthusiastic and kind.

It’s also nice to take part in the many events organized in our Prague office. The atmosphere when having so many crypto traders in one place is incredible. When you can work with real professionals, you learn so many new things and have a good time together.

What are you most excited about moving forward?

I love to learn new things. My job provides me with the opportunity to explore and learn new tech by doing fascinating things. I’m excited that our company is always open to new ideas and we are working together to make them a reality!

What is the most surprising or interesting signal/alert you’ve seen so far?

I love to follow the signals from our artificial neural network. It’s an essence of our company vision: “Robots give humans superpower.”

What’s your favorite thing to eat?

That’s simple. I am an old fashioned meat eater. A beef steak for me please. And salad. Or skip salad. Lunch with my co-workers can is one of my favorite parts of the day. It’s fun to explore our neighborhood’s eateries here in Prague.