Company Updates

ITF Accepted Into Startup Yard Accelerator

This fall, Intelligent Trading Foundation was accepted into a 3 month startup accelerator program in Prague called Startup Yard.

Startup Yard is part of the Global Accelerator Network (GAN). Based in Prague, Startup Yard is Central Europe’s Leading Accelerator for Technology Startups.

We are ⅔ of the way through the program.

In September, we met with dozens of mentors who provided us with great feedback on how to grow our company and provide our community with an incredible product.

In October, our team was invited to various workshops hosted by the Startup Yard team, and this week we are meeting with more mentors.

The program has been very rewarding, and we’re extremely excited about the future and taking ITF to the next level.

Traders Meetup

We hosted another cryptocurrency trading meetup at Blockchain Hub Prague.

It’s been over a month since our last meetup, but we were very happy with the turn out. There is solid community here in Prague that is dedicated to trading and improving.

MBA Student Visit

On October 24th, we hosted an international cohort of MBA students at our office in Prague.

Each of the 3 blockchain companies in our shared office did a short presentation and case study with the students.

New Team Member

We are excited to welcome a new member to the Intelligent Trading team.

  • Tiago (Graphic Designer) – Tiago is responsible for creating all of the graphics we include in our content and marketing promotions.

Now Hiring

Intelligent Trading Foundation is seeking a Content Writer to join our team. If you are interested or know someone who might be interested in this full time position, please view more details below.

Recent Product Updates

Updated Premium Subscriptions

We’ve had a lot of discussion on what’s possible within Telegram, and came to the conclusion that our Telegram Bot must focus specifically on delivering technical analysis trading signals, arbitrage alerts, and weekly support levels. Telegram is great for sending and receiving messages, so that’s what we will use the bot for.

To execute at the highest level on portfolio auto-balancing and automated trading, we will be creating a separate Portfolio App. This will free us from the constraints of Telegram and allow us to build a solution that excites you.

Because we will be developing 2 products instead of 1, we’ve decided to streamline our subscription plans and make them even better of a deal for our users.

View the new product plans.

Staking Available

Users can now access our premium subscriptions by staking ITT tokens.

Instead of paying a subscription fee, you can just hold the required amount of tokens in the cryptocurrency wallet linked to your Intelligent Trading account.

As long as you keep the minimum required balance of tokens, you will have access to the corresponding subscription plan.

Full details are available here.

Pay To Stake Live

We want to make using the Intelligent Trading bot an easy decision.

Moving forward, payments made on subscription plans automatically get applied towards your staking balance.

Once all of your monthly subscription payments exceed the required staking balance (i.e. 10,000 ITT tokens), you can stop paying the monthly subscription. You will now have enough tokens “staked” to receive ongoing access to that plan.

Now Accepting Payments In ETH

To make our technology available to as many people as possible, we’ve decided to also accept subscription payments in ETH.

Because ITT tokens are still required to purchase a subscription, we will use the ETH payment we receive to purchase ITT tokens on a public exchange on the user’s behalf, and then apply those ITT tokens to the user’s Intelligent Trading account subscription.

Full details are available here.

Web Settings Available To Free Users

In July, we released a settings web app so that premium users could have more freedom and flexibility over their experience with our trading signals.

This month, we made the web app available to free users as well.

To access these settings, use the “/settings” command inside the Telegram Bot, then click on “Advanced Settings”.

More details are available here.

Weekly Support & Resistance Signals Released

Earlier this month, we released our Weekly Support & Resistance signals.

Major support and resistance are price levels that have recently caused a trend reversal.

Traders use support and resistance levels to time their buys, sells, and shorts in normal markets, as well as crypto markets. This alert will provide you with all the relevant data so you don’t need to bury your head in graphs all day.

Genetic Programming Research

Genetic programming is a new branch of AI research that allows us to start from simple and probably not very useful crypto trading strategies, and through simulating evolution including mutation, crossing, and survival of the fittest, arrive at complex trading strategies that work.

Check out the research we’re doing…

What’s Happening Next With The Product

Ultimate Guide To Cryptocurrency

Our content team has put together a comprehensive guide that explains cryptocurrencies. We are finalizing the graphics now and will be publishing it very soon.

We are very excited about this guide and cannot wait to show you.

Bollinger Bands Signals

Bollinger Bands are one of the most reliable trading indicators a cryptocurrency trader can choose from.

We are in the final stages of testing this signal and then will release it in our Telegram Bot.

Free Trials

It’s taken us longer to release free trials than we would like to admit, but we know how important it is to showcasing our Telegram Bot.

The plan is to make free trials available inside of the basic web dashboard we will be releasing.

ITF Team Member Spotlight

Meet Benjamin Lakoff

What do you do at ITF?

I’m the Head of Finance and Strategy at ITF. In this role, I try my best to support our growing team to ensure that they have all the resources needed to excel in their roles.

I’m responsible for creating, planning, and implementing the strategic direction of ITF and managing our Finances.

What is the best thing about working at ITF?

Without any doubt, the team. It’s great to work with such a motivated, intelligent group of like-minded individuals. We really function well as a team – communicative, dependable and always willing to help each other.

What are you most excited about moving forward?

We have a fantastic team, and I’m extremely excited to see what’s possible. It’s really fun to be part of the team as we continually grow, test our assumptions and try new things until we get a suite of products that truly adds value and simplifies cryptocurrency trading for investors.

What is the most surprising or interesting signal/alert you’ve seen so far?

Unfortunately I don’t allocate enough time to effectively trade much anymore. At ITF, we’re working on some really sophisticated trading alerts/strategies. However, for me the most surprising would be overall how much better a simple “sell on high RSI and buy back on low RSI” strategy worked over the past 5 months versus buy & hold. Not that many trades you have to make during the month, and a relatively simple strategy to follow and do on your own. Simple sometimes works much better than you’d think.

What’s your favorite thing to eat?

Apple Pie, my grandmother makes an unbeatable apple pie.