ITT Tokens are now available on Mercatox Exchange.

The ITT team would like to thank everyone at Mercatox for their professionalism.

*A special note on listings: As you know, the real value in the ITT Token is the trading intelligence it gives its holders access to, and we believe that such value will increase drastically as the platform matures. This is the value that we have been working tirelessly to build since we started this grand endeavor. This is the value that you trusted us to create for you and it is the value that we are focusing the majority of our efforts on.

That being said, we also know that certain members of our community have voiced their desire that there be more liquidity for their Tokens, and while secondary market value is not what the Token was created for, the desire for more liquidity in the short term, and our steadfast belief that it is our duty to provide as many people access to the Intelligent Trading Technologies toolkit as possible, we have made significant efforts to secure a listing for ITT on additional exchanges. This has been a momentous task and not one we take lightly. We also know that the Mercatox listing isn’t the end of that effort but rather a step in the right direction.

As more and more people come to see the real value of the ITT Token, it is our firm belief that public demand will drive future listings more effectively than any action ITT could ever take on its own, but until we reach that point, please be confident that we know we need to get our message out and that the best way to do that is to see widespread adoption by market participants. Until such time as market demand takes over as the main driver of new exchange listings, we will continue to work to find exchanges that will list ITT; but please know that our main focus will always be on creating a product that will allow holders of ITT Tokens to thrive in the crypto-markets.

Thank you for your continued trust and support.