New: Monthly Updates

This month we are introducing a new blog update series that will keep you informed of everything we’re up to. Each month we will post a detailed update on our blog that outlines what we’ve been working on and what’s happening in the near future.

Company Update

New Hires

We’ve added new members to our team over the past couple of months.

  • Alexander (Senior Engineer, Python) — Alexander is focused on the addition of new signals to the ITT Telegram Bot.
  • Karla (Data Scientist, Machine Learning) — PhD in A.I., 10 years in Data Science, Karla is the first female addition to the ITT team and is first focused on building the ITT backtesting suite.
  • Tobias (Engineer, Python) — Tobias is adding more data sources for ITT trading alerts.
  • Allen (Engineer, Python) — Allen is focused on the addition of new signals to the ITT Telegram Bot.
  • Jay (Product Manager) — Jay is the Product Manager and will be focused on keeping everyone on track with the ITT roadmap.
  • John (Head of Marketing) — John is focused on strengthening ITT’s online presence and growing the ITT Community.
  • Andrea (Executive Assistant) — Andrea is instrumental in helping keep ITT running smoothly.

ITT Goes To Blockstack Berlin

A few members of the ITT team attended the Blockstack Berlin event earlier this month. It was really informative to hear from people like Nick Szabo and Edward Snowden, and connecting with other crypto-enthusiasts was extremely valuable.

Tom Counsell (Head of Engineering and Innovation) at Blockstack Berlin 2018.

Blockstack has uploaded recordings from the event to their YouTube channel, so check that out if you are interested in watching some of the talks.

We had such a great time at the event, but afterwards we realized that we should have told the ITT community we would be there. Moving forward, we will let you know which cryptocurrency events we will be attending so you can say hello if you are also there.

Our Head of Strategy & Finance, Ben Lakoff, is heading to Tokyo April 4th and 5th for the Beyond Blocks Summit.

If you are going to the summit, feel free to connect. It’s always nice to meet ITT community members in real life.

Recent Product Updates

Crowd Sentiment Alerts

We’ve added Crowd Sentiment Alerts to the Telegram Bot to help you stay on top of what is happening in the cryptocurrency world.

Sentiment is represented for each alert as Bullish, Bearish, and Important. We pull this data from Cryptopanic and present it to you, along with a link to the news article.

Your private responses are added to our own internal database where we combine it with the data we receive from CryptoPanic. We then use this data to improve the quality of our algorithms and alerts.

Learn more about these sentiment alerts here.

Mercatox Exchange Listing

We are excited to announce that earlier this month, the ITT token was listed on Mercatox Cryptocurrency Exchange. This is the fourth exchange the ITT token has been listed on, and you can trade against BTC and ETH.

Telegram Bot Improvements & Code Refactoring

This month, our team has been busy making code improvements to increase speed and allow us to easily add more data sources for our alerts in the near future.

While this isn’t something that impacts your experience with our technology right now, it will allow us to move much faster with all of the additional features we will be releasing in the coming months.

Big things are coming, and we know you will absolutely love the new features we have in the pipeline.

What’s Happening Next With The Product

Premium Signals

This is something we have been diligently working on for you for the past couple of months. Our initial projections of when we would release this were a little bit off. As with anything worthwhile, it usually takes longer than you expect. We are very close, and we appreciate your patience.

Part 1. We’ve been developing our smart contracts system so we can seamlessly manage transactions for each of the premium subscription tiers we will be releasing. This is a complicated process that must be 100% perfect when released, because we cannot change anything once it goes live. So we’ve invested more resources into making absolutely sure this is perfect.

Part 2. We are finalizing the full collection of premium signals and coins that will be available in each premium subscription tier. This step requires a lot of discussion with cryptocurrency traders and our development team to ensure we can provide the most appropriate tools for helping traders achieve their goals. In April, we will share more details on the subscription tiers.

Telegram Info Bot

Cryptocurrency traders all around the world gather in Telegram groups of all sizes to discuss strategy and share their views on the market.

We want to empower traders to make the best possible trading decisions. Allowing group members to easily access specific useful cryptocurrency data within their group chat is a key feature that can make their lives easier. So, we’ve been hard at work developing a Telegram Info Bot that does just that. We have a little bit more to do, but hope to make a release announcement soon.

User Web Dashboard

We’ve started development on the web dashboard that will complement our Telegram Bot. This is a very ambitious project that will take a while to complete, but we believe it will make Intelligent Trading an irreplaceable resource for cryptocurrency traders. We’re not ready to share much more than this right now, but we’ve got a lot of really neat things planned.

ITT Team Member Spotlight

Meet Francesco De Lisi

What do you do at ITT?

I could say I’m coding the frontend, the web services and so on, but I like to say I’m in charge of all the things happening between the button you press on our Telegram bot and the data our backend processes and pushes. I’m also working on smart contracts and blockchain APIs, which is awesome!

What is the best thing about working at ITT?

It’s a great time to be involved in Blockchain and cryptos, and the shared enthusiasm for these technologies is what makes ITT a great place to work. We are working on trading, which might seem like a mere way to make extra money, but it’s actually a great chance to understand more about markets, finance, and all those things some people may think are for “Wall Street” traders only.

Also, at ITT, your opinion matters. Everybody on our team wants to help each other, and there’s no right or wrong answer, we just want to make the best possible product for our users.

What are you most excited about moving forward?

From the technical point of view, building decentralized applications and working with smart contracts. From the personal point of view, I think getting involved in what’s changing (in a positive way) the world is always exciting.

What is the most interesting signal/alert you’ve seen so far?

I like when I see a group of RSI signals coming from correlated currencies. I think it’s a more powerful way to understand when the market is overbought or oversold more than a single coin analysis.

What’s your favorite thing to eat?

There is nothing better than a good pizza.

We’re Still Hiring

Here are the positions we are still searching for.

Cryptocurrency Research Analyst

This research analyst should have very good research/writing skills and a strong interest in Cryptos. This position will start building digital-currency reports for our premium subscribers.

If you would like to apply for this position, please send us a message via our website contact form.