Telegram Bot

The team here at Intelligent Trading Foundation is constantly striving to make the Telegram Bot the best possible product it can be.

We’ve had a lot of discussion on what’s possible within Telegram, and came to the conclusion that our Telegram Bot must focus specifically on delivering technical analysis trading signals, arbitrage alerts, and weekly support levels. Telegram is great for sending and receiving messages, so that’s what we will use the bot for.

To execute at the highest level on portfolio auto-balancing and automated trading, we will be creating a separate Portfolio App. This will free us from the constraints of Telegram and allow us to build a solution that excites you.

Because we will be developing 2 products instead of 1, we’ve decided to streamline our subscription plans and make them even better of a deal for our users.

View our subscription plans.

The Free Plan received an influx of new features and functionality to make it even more useful for users who want to try out the bot.

The Starter and Pro Plans have merged together into 1 plan called “Pro”. The price of this new Pro Plan will stay the same $20/m as the old Starter Plan. This gives you even more functionality for the same $20/m as before.

The portfolio auto-balancing and automated trading in the old Advanced Plan will become our new Portfolio App with its own subscription plan.

More Payment Options

We are excited to announce the release of more ways to purchase access to our Telegram Bot. Use the “/settings” command inside the Telegram Bot, then click on “All Settings” to view our web settings panel. There you can upgrade your account with your preferred payment option.

Staking Available

Users can now access our premium subscriptions by staking ITT tokens.

Instead of paying a subscription fee, you can just hold the required amount of tokens in the cryptocurrency wallet linked to your Intelligent Trading account.

As long as you keep the minimum required balance of tokens, you will have access to the corresponding subscription plan.

Here is a video tutorial showing you how to stake tokens:

Now Accepting Payments In ETH

To make our technology available to as many people as possible, we’ve decided to also accept subscription payments in ETH.

Because ITT tokens are still required to purchase a subscription, we will use the ETH payment we receive to purchase ITT tokens on a public exchange on the user’s behalf, and then apply those ITT tokens to the user’s Intelligent Trading account subscription.

Here is a video tutorial showing you how to pay with ETH:

Pay To Stake

We want to make using the Intelligent Trading bot an easy decision.

Moving forward, payments made on subscription plans automatically get applied towards your staking balance. This includes any payments made in ETH.

Once all of your monthly subscription payments exceed the required staking balance (i.e. 10,000 ITT tokens), you can stop paying the monthly subscription. You will now have enough tokens “staked” to receive ongoing access to that plan.

Upgrade Today

It’s never been easier to purchase a subscription to the Intelligent Trading Bot for Telegram.

Whether you want to pay in ITT, pay in ETH, or stake ITT tokens, you now have an easy way to upgrade your account to receive premium trading signals.

View the subscription plans.