ITF Portfolios
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Track and manage all your investments in one place with ITF Portfolios.

Plan Basic
  • Portfolio Rebalancing
  • Preset Investment portfolios
  • Customized portfolios
  • Real-time Performance Tracking
  • Plan Pro
    Coming Soon
  • All the features of basic
  • Multi-Exchange Rebalancing
  • Customized on-demand rebalancing periods
  • Spread & Slippage Safeties
  • Suggested Investment Portfolios
  • Access to powerful backtesting tools
  • Get Trading signals whenever a potential trading opportunity presents itself in the cryptocurrency markets.

    Plan Free
    Free forever
  • Coin Price & Volume Check
  • CryptoPanic Sentiment Alerts
  • Price Alerts in USDT & BTC
  • Alert Validity (1 / 4 / 24 hr)
  • Filter Coin Alerts (Poloniex + Bittrex)
  • Exchange Filtering (Poloniex + Bittrex)
  • RSI Signals (Bullish + Bearish)
  • Ichimoku Signals (Bullish + Bearish)
  • Plan Pro
    $20/m in ITT or ETH (or 10,000 ITT Staked)
  • All Free Plan Features
  • Filter Coin Alerts (+ Binance)
  • Exchange Filtering (+ Binance)
  • Volume Signals
  • Bollinger Band Signals
  • ITF Proprietary Alert 1 (RSI + SMA)
  • AI Signals
  • Weekly Support Levels
  • Early Access To Coin Analysis Reports
  • Arbitrage Alerts
  • * All transactions in ETH will be used to purchase ITT on your behalf.**All subscription payments also get counted toward the minimum staking requirement.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I get started with Telegram?

    You can learn more about Telegram on their website.

    What should I do after I install Telegram?

    You need to add @intelligenttradingbot in your Telegram app, then complete the registration wizard. Here are step-by-step instructions.

    How do I pay?

    The Pro plan is $20 USD per month, payable in ITT tokens or ETH. After you purchase ITT tokens on a cryptocurrency exchange, you can transfer them to us within the Telegram Bot.

    Why do you accept ETH?

    To make our technology available to as many people as possible, we’ve decided to also accept subscription payments in ETH.

    Because ITT tokens are still required to purchase a subscription, we will use the ETH payment we receive to purchase ITT tokens on a public exchange on the user’s behalf, and then apply those ITT tokens to the user’s Intelligent Trading account subscription.

    How do I transfer ITT tokens?

    Please refer to the User Guide.

    Does my subscription automatically renew?

    No. You must manually transfer additional ITT tokens or ETH after your 30-day subscription runs out.

    What does “Stake ITT Tokens” mean?

    It means you need to hold at least 10,000 ITT tokens in the cryptocurrency wallet linked to your Intelligent Trading account. There is no subscription fee like there is in the Pro plan. You don’t have to spend any tokens. You just have to keep them in your wallet. As long as you keep the minimum required balance of tokens, you will have access to the corresponding subscription tier. Staking encourages long term holding ITT tokens, which reduces speculation and price volatility.

    What does “Pay to Stake” mean?

    All subscription payments made to the Pro plan get counted towards the minimum balance of staked tokens required. For example, if you have paid 3,000 ITT in subscription payments and the staked token requirement is 10,000 ITT, you would only need to stake 7,000 ITT more to get access to the Pro plan. Another example, once you’ve paid 10,000 ITT in subscriptions, you don’t have to pay anymore, your payments have exceeded the 10,000 ITT required for the staking option, so now you get access to the Pro plan without having to pay more.

    How do you know how many ITT tokens I have?

    Our system will periodically check the public ledger for the wallet address you provided us. We will be able to see when you purchased or sold ITT tokens, and how many you purchased or sold.

    Do you offer refunds on the Pro subscription tier?

    We do not offer refunds. If you are not sure if the Pro plan will be a good fit for you, we recommend registering for a free trial.