4th Quarter 2016


Concept realization of an trading assistant for Cryptocurrency Markets.

Development of an advanced trading assistant begins as a side project.

1st Quarter 2017

Trading Leads

Successful trading leads to the development of an automated Telegram chat bot.

Initial Bot included trading alerts based on predefined price and volume change.

Bot’s use with limited available cryptocurrencies & testing only by the founders and advisors.

Increased introduction of Bot’s use of technical analysis indicators in trading, tracking results.

2nd Quarter 2017

Telegram Bot

Continued development and testing of more advanced features with Telegram bot as Marcelo joined as lead platform developer.

Authoring of Whitepaper as 3 new advisors join the team.

3rd Quarter 2017

Token Sale

ITF Platform (bots and algorithm) continues to be tweaked and optimized to produce market-beating returns.

ITF Token Sale

Acceleration of development in statistical data modelling, and trader experience patterns.

1st Quarter 2018

Alpha/ Tier 1 Bot

Free Alpha ITF Bot released on Telegram for limited public use (using Technical Analysis, AI features not included).

Public Tier 1 ITF Bot Released (More TA Features added)

Continued development and testing of more advanced features (including AI) with Telegram bot (Addition of ITF Proprietary Alert).

2nd Quarter 2018

Tier 2 Bot

Tier 2 AI-enabled ITF Bot released on a subscription-based model.

Personalized trading alert settings made available on ITF Bot.

3rd Quarter 2018

Additional Features

Additional Features added to ITF Bot - Social Media Sentiment Indicators & additional indicators & strategies.

Inclusion of crowd-sourced cryptocurrency sentiment data in alerts

Availability of Portfolio management companion app.

Support added for Simplified Mandarin, Korean, Japanese, Cantonese, Spanish

4th Quarter 2018

ITF Subscriptions

ITF launches separate quant fund with the introduction of Tier 3 subscription options.

ITF users gain access to exclusive cryptocurrencies Research reports (buy/sell).


Product Improvements

ITF Bot will continue to be tweaked and developed - these data bots will be constantly re-tested and optimized.

We intend to bring institutional-level trading technology and make it available to the masses.

API access to user accounts on exchanges for faster trade initiating and option for implementing smart automated loss prevention trades.