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Intelligent Trading Foundation (ITF) provides you with sophisticated investment tools, so you can stay properly invested across multiple asset types.

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Aggregate your portfolio from multiple sources.

Bring all of your investments into one place for quick and easy assessment
A birds eye view of your investments to give you a real-time view of their value
No more time wasted logging into multiple exchanges or wallets just for an update on your portfolio

Allocate your portfolio with a pre-built index or customize your own.

Save time and peace of mind with a pre-selected index based on your risk preferences
Build your portfolio of investments to your liking, fully customize your portfolio with advanced settings.
Easily allocate and manage your invested funds spread out across exchanges and wallets.

Automate your investment portfolio using auto-rebalancing

Auto-rebalancing incrementally sells your overbought assets and redistributes the proceeds to your underbought assets giving you automatic discipline to buy low and sell high. In turn, your portfolio stays organized through the chaotic upward and downward swings of alternative assets.

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Security as an absolute priority

Manage your cryptocurrencies and security tokens safely from cold storage
RSA encryption to encrypt and store customer's API keys
You control all of your funds at all times. Our limited API-connection cannot withdraw your coins

Supported Assets


Cryptocurrencies deserve to be a part of your investment portfolio, do you know how much should be allocated?

Security Tokens (Coming Soon)

Assets will be tokenized. What amount should be allocated in your investment portfolio?

Non-tokenized Assets (Coming Soon)

An essential part of your asset allocation. How much should be allocated to your portfolio?

Supported Exchanges

More exchanges coming soon!


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