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Intelligent Trading Foundation provides you with concise cryptocurrency trading insights so you can make the right trading decision, every time. Take advantage of upside movement, and manage downside risk.

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Our platform monitors thousands of real-time data points, identifies opportunities using machine learning algorithms and technical analysis, then provides you with actionable alerts you can trade on.

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Act on every opportunity

Our technology does all the grunt work so you can focus on making trades, instead of sorting through massive amounts of data.

Protect your downside

We inform you when the market is trending up, and when it is trending down, so you can minimize your risk and maximize profit.

Easy to understand

The alerts you receive are concise so you will immediately know what action to take, even if you are new to crypto trading.

Make sense of all the noise with easy-to-understand crypto trading alerts. It’s the smart way to trade cryptocurrency.

Trading Signals

See a coin’s current price movement, when it is trending bullish or bearish, whether it is overbought or oversold, and more.

Crowd Sentiment

Always know what is happening in the cryptocurrency world, how people feel about the latest news, and if something is especially important.

Personalized Alerts

Set your trading risk level, follow specific cryptocurrencies, and view coin value in BTC or USDT.


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